Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hi, my name is Careen

Here I am at 4am (5.15am now as I used 1 hour 15 mins to beautify my wedblog), writing my Happy Birthday post to my new wedding blog/wedblog.

A new wedblog is born! This calls for a celebration! :) *pops confetti*

I promise I am usually not this impulsive. I guess it's one of those 'eureka moments' when you get the inspiration and you just GOTTA do it! Since I've been having insomnia for the past few days for reasons unknown, might as well put my time into good use!

Have seen many wedding blogs created by friends who started out well, but halfway abandoned their blogs which made me doubt that I'll do a good job as well. Been toying with the idea of starting one but I really don't wish to start a wedblog just because everyone does it. And I definitely don't wanna disappoint my readers!

But after stumbling upon Bangsar Babe's Wedding Blog, and reading each of her posts from her proposal story right up to now (2 months after her wedding, and yes I got hooked!), I found her wedblog really helpful for a bride-to-be such as yours truly. Plus, the details and honesty in each of her post made it a joy to read. 

I enjoyed reading even as a stranger. I imagined her reading those posts decades down the road, and I could foresee that it'd be a pleasant read, recapping on details that might have been forgotten. Probably something to laugh about when read back too!

Feeling inspired, here I am, typing away on my brand new space :)

This is me, yours truly.

Yes, I'm pretty vain. Read my main blog for more vanity and camho goodness ;)

And on the 3rd of November, 2012,

 I will be married to my high school sweetheart, Boon :)


Done with the basic introduction, now on to how I started this wedblog.

The part where I got stuck the most is this:
Possible URL 1
 The blog title and URL!

Don't wanna come up with a lame title and URL, and ROFL when I read back 50 years later.

As you can see above, I'm not very creative, though I try. I'm pretty happy with my blog title as it sounds random, but DON'T laugh at my URL!!! *shy*



Possible URL 2
Boon and Careen sounds perfectly normal. In fact, I love the way it sounds ;)

But having our names stuck together like below


I can't help to to see it as Boo Nand Careen.
In fact when pronounced, it sounds....okay, I don't wanna be racist.

Possible URL 3
 Careen and Boon. Looks and sounds great.

But 'careenandboon' just looks like Caree Nand Boon.

So, it's a no.

Plus, the fiancé has already told me WAYYY beforehand that if ever I start a wedding blog, there is a 99.99999999% that he will not contribute as a writer. I once started a blog for him like, 6 years ago, and he stopped at his 5th or 6th (short) post -,- It's just not him, I guess.

So, that explains why it's not a 'careenandboonwedding' blog. Because it's just gonna be me writing. And it'll seem like I'm some delusional bride-to-be who actually isn't engaged. And doesn't have a fiancé. And has no actual wedding to plan. *dramatic*

Possible URL 4
 Harith Iskandar once said that Malaysians love to state the obvious.

Careen's wedding. ''.

Now it really seems like I have zero creativity. Stop laughing at me!!! *sobs*
Possible URL 5

While it is true, I AM going to wed Boon,  putting it together for a URL just sounds funny. 

This is seriously too lame to be true. Not to mention super cheesy for a URL!!!

Possible URL 6

Sounds okay but when read, it looks like Herwed blog.

'Herwed' reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog. Somehow. So, it's out.

Possible URL 7
Now, after 6 tries, I finally managed to come up with a URL that I did not cringe at.

'herweddingblog' sounds and looks decent. 
And I'm surprised that the URL is actually available! Woohoo ;)

So there goes the story of how and why this space was started. To know more, read my 'Bridal Speech' at the top left of the wedblog. Spent quite a long time writing so must read.

On a more serious note, been meaning to blog about the story of how he got down on one knee and proposed, but have been 1) pretty busy, 2) uninspired, 3) lazy.

Now that I have a blog fully dedicated to the details of the wedding, I would give myself no excuse not to blog about it here. On the next post it shall be :)

It's now 6.07am. 
Took an hour to compose this post. Shows just how long-winded I can be!

And I'm still wide awake. Not goooood.

Counting down the days,
The bride


  1. My dear, tell him it is once in a life time thingy, so he got to contribute at least one post no matter what... and i m sure all ur readers r looking fwd to it! :D

  2. First post and I'm already hooked! It's always fun and nice to read your blog. I enjoy it a lot! So keep them coming ya! Can't wait for your next post! ;)

    1. Aww...thanks QQ! You're ever so supportive and sweet all the time! Lucky Pat :P

      P/S: You have a part to play for the birth of this wedblog! ;)

  3. OI apa lucky pat????? Anyways nice blog you have here. More good stuff to read online. (: Looking forward to your next post. Gonna be an exciting journey.

    P/S : I like careenwedsboon. hahahaha.

  4. Hi Careen!! Congratulation on the wonderful news! I'm hooked up on your very first post:) keep updating! Can't wait for it:)

  5. i actually really liked Careen Said Yes! lol. i think it's quite cute actually & not at all self-absorbed. so glad to have came across this blog <3

    bit late, i think but congratulations on marrying your high-school sweetheart!!! /confetti