Monday, November 26, 2012

My Pre-wedding Encounters with Yes I Do

It all started on one fine Sunday afternoon when I was hanging around the church cafe, chatting with my dear friend and sis, Anna Chuah about my wedding gowns.

She asked me if I were custom-making my gowns for the big day, and I told her that no, custom-making gowns would be too expensive and beyond what we have budgeted for. I've asked around at so many places for custom-made gown prices, and they all start at RM1.2k for the very basic, all the way until RM8k for a more elaborate gown.

Anna was obviously shocked, and immediate whipped out her iPhone, and begun showing me photos taken from this particular Facebook wedding gown page. She has saved a few of her favorite designs in her phone, and told me that when she ties the knot, she will be getting from this page as the designs are real pretty and the prices are really reasonable. So I asked her to show me the page, and within just minutes, we were both marveling at the beautiful gowns and dresses in this page called, Yes I Do.

What impressed me was firstly, of course, the price of the gowns!
Where on earth can anybody find a piece of beautifully custom-made gowns for the price of RM400-600??

It really sounded too good to be true, cos it is usually cheap but not nice, or nice but not cheap! I thought I have done lots of research but man, after that day, I realized that there is truly HOPE in life! :')

They had not only bridal gowns, but a wide range of various evening gowns, prom dinner gowns, and even short gowns and cheongsam available! 

So since I already paid for my bridal gown way ahead at another bridal gallery, I thought maybe I could give my evening gown a try from Yes I Do. They had plenty of choices available, and for a person who loves simple and elegant gowns, I was thrilled to see so many on this album! :)

But of course, weddings are once in a lifetime. That is why people have no qualms about spending so much on their big day, especially for brides on their wedding gowns. If the gowns are reasonably priced, but the quality is not good, I wouldn't dare to take the risk with my one and only wedding day. It's not something that we can undo!

Being the careful consumer (I'm super picky when it comes to what I wear, especially on my wedding!), I went through the entire page and all its photos *stalker mode ON*, and came across this particular album where all the custom-made gowns were displayed.

I absolutely love the fact that they post up not just the glamorous photoshoot pictures of models in gowns, but also photos of their customer's big day and close-ups on the details of the gowns.

There is also an album of testimonials/screenshots of the positive feedbacks given by their satisfied customers. That really made me feel a lot more confident in choosing my wedding evening gown from Yes I Do :)

Another thing that gave me more assurance about this page is that the owner isn't afraid to show who she really is! At the 'About' section, you can find her personal Facebook profile where you can add her as a friend and directly Facebook message her for inquiries. 

The best part is that her working mobile number is also listed at the page! Not many people does that, and upon seeing that, I know that this lady means serious business with her page :) 

I dropped Shawn Wong, the founder of Yes I Do a Facebook message at the page, added her up as a friend, and even whatsapped her on her mobile to discuss on our own phones at our convenience. We clicked immediately and it became not just a business inquiry, but a girl friend chat! :)

After getting to know each other better and upon knowing that yours truly is a blogger, she was absolutely kind and generous to offer a sponsorship for my evening gown! :)) Can't tell you just how stoked I was! It was truly, truly an honor! :")

Ladies & gents, meet Shawn Wong, the super friendly and nice owner of Yes I Do! Dealing with this lady has really lessen so much of my headache and burden as a bride-to-be. She knows the struggles of a bride-to-be as she, herself is also set to be married early next year! :)

Shawn really made my wedding evening gown preparation a bliss, and made our measuring session a fun and pleasant one as well :)

So after we fixed a date to meet for measurements at Shawn's place at Setapak, I continued to decide between 2 very, very gorgeous pieces.

I first fell in love with this princess-y piece as I have never worn anything like this in my life, and after the wedding, I doubt I would have any more chance to wear this too. It would be too grand for just a dinner, unless I wear it to model or perform but that's a different story altogether. It was really simple and nice, just the way I like my gown to be.

But at the same time, I can't get over my love for mermaid gowns :')

I saw this piece and I fell head over heels for it! Firstly, of course, the stunning electric blue captured my attention. Secondly, I am a HUGE FAN of sweetheart necklines and slits! This piece totally stole my heart :)

But since my gramma said that blue is a bad color for weddings (as according to Chinese customs *shrugs*), I had to give up this color and choose a different color. Afterall, Yes I Do only charges RM50 for change of colors! No biggie! Shawn was also really kind to absorb that fee for me as well :) *touched*

So after much deliberation (You have NO IDEA how long I took to decide. Until Shawn had to give me a deadline cos they needed time to custom make the gown :P), I decided to go with my heart and what many advised me to go for.

I chose this stunning mermaid piece! :)

Look at the choices of colors I was given to change my evening gown to! You can seriously find any color you want to change to from these color templates.

After much deliberation again, I decided to change the color of my evening gown to one of our wedding theme shades, lilac :)

After confirming my desired evening gown design and color with Shawn, I went through a period of restlessness, gan-jeongness, and excitement. Couldn't stop wondering if my gown would turn out to be how I envisioned it to be. Guess this is every bride-to-be's feeling when taking a risk to custom make, instead of just buying off the rack.

The anticipation and the wait for worth it, as I received my beautiful, gorgeous gown that fit my perfectly after just 2 weeks :)))

Stay tuned to this space as I'll be posting about the evening gown, and how it all turned out to be! :)

In the meantime, ladies, do visit Yes I Do's Facebook Page, *like* the page and stay updated on their latest designs available. The page is very frequently updated, and if you're looking for wedding gowns, prom dresses, ROM dresses, cheongsams, or just a nice dress for a date, I'm sure you can find something there as they also have ready made pieces for sale/rent :) 

Hope this post helped you to decide where to get your wedding gowns done, girls ;)
Be right back!

love, careen