Friday, December 7, 2012

Wedding Evening Gown by Yes I Do

Hello Friday!

As promised in my previous post
I'm gonna unveil my beautiful custom-made gown by Yes I Do in this post itself! :)

I haven't gotten a full set of photos from my photographer yet (work is piling up on him!), so before I blog about the full wedding day, I shall share about my wedding evening gown by Yes I Do :)

So ladies & gents, here's my beautiful lilac mermaid gown! :)

Absolutely love the high slit and long train. It was a true beauty, extremely fitting and comfortable to wear all night long.

These were taken at our dinner reception bridal march. As you can see, Boon and I were laughing cos we seriously felt really awkward to walk in, smile and wave while everyone else just stands, cheers and claps. It was so weird. We just couldn't stop laughing :P

I'm really glad I chose this gown as it was really easy to walk in and to move around too. It was not heavy at all like some evening ball gowns. Glad I took the advice of Shawn from Yes I Do to pick a dress such as this! 

Wanted to pick a princess ball gown but she advised that I would have a difficult time moving about, and I wouldn't want such restriction on my wedding day. True enough...this really made me feel so much at ease the entire night :)

Another detail that I love is the crumpled lines of the gown, and not forgetting the low back V-cut. It was just nice as even my long hair couldn't cover that particular detail that I loved :)

The train of the gown was also just nice for me. It was long, but not to the point that it would get stepped on easily or stuck in between chairs :P

I really love this shot as it showed off the gown perfectly. It fit me really well and showed off all the right curves, which is really what every girl wants! ;)

Here are some of the photos I took with my dear wedding guests!

The top part of my gown had sequinned flower details on it, all the way from the bra top part of the gown all the way to the slit. The slit enabled me to strike crazy poses with my siao friends too! :P

Took a risk to match the white/silver sequinned flower details the color lilac. But thank God it turned out beautiful. Really love the color combination...just what I wanted :)

Group photo with my new cousins + sister!

Plus, I left the decision to my hairstylist on what he thinks suit my dress that night. After I saw the gown, he immediately got to work, and styled me an Old Hollywood Glam hairdo. Albert Koh the buddy knows me well that I love the big waves look, and it turns out to really match my gown!

Wanted something different than the usual hair-up, or hair on the side, and I must say that I love my dinner look to bits :)

Thanks to Yes I Do for sponsoring and making me such a gorgeous dinner gown. And did you know that a gown like this doesn't actually cost a bomb?

Yes I Do is selling the exact one I wore for only RM480! Plus, if you wish to wish your gown color just like I did, it only costs an additional RM50.

An average evening gown bought off the rack would cost at least RM450 and above. This is custom-made to your body fit, and change of color is available at a low cost! Most custom-made evening gowns cost above RM1.2k. This is really a great deal :)

You can view more choices and different categories of gowns at Yes I Do's Facebook Page. They offer affordable custom-made wedding bridal gowns, evening gowns, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and even cheongsam and ROM dresses. I'm sure you can find something there for yourself :)

For me, I'm just really glad that I made a choice to go with Yes I Do. The entire discussion and preparation process with them was just really pleasant. They try their best to accommodate and attend to your every need, even details as small as changing the side of the slit from left to right!

I really enjoyed working together with them, and I'm sure you will too :) *Like* Yes I Do on Facebook, and stay tuned to all their latest products and promotions available! 

Happy shopping, ladies :)

love, careen